Materiales Artesanales : Stone & Terracota

Monday, 17 October 2016


Work done to recover a terracotta floor inside house in very bad condition due to years of applications artisan treatments such as oil mora, which have been obscured the mud and by the erosion of time, presented a state that can be seen in the following photos:

We proceeded to the pickling process for the removal of old and shabby treatment. Having multiple layers applied over the years had to go by making several passes and pickling layer by layer. However in these cases there are areas as embedded inside the mud that are almost impossible to remove; however this was the result obtained after stripping and cleaning phase:

Finally as the house was old and had moisture seepage problems we proceeded to the application of treatment for outdoor terracotta floors with wet finish effect. This type of treatment allows the slab traspirar so that moisture evaporates from within the mud of possible leaking. However treatment abroad, to allow traspirar the mud, leaves a degree of waterproofing of approximately 90%; so in this case must be taken to prevent liquid stains like wine glasses or oil, can penetrate and stain the mud. For this reason immediate cleaning is recommended in case of spilling something.

Here you have some photos of the final result obtained after applying the treatment commented:

Friday, 30 September 2016


Normally all the fabrications of our marble sinks begin from an order from a customer that specifies us the measurements, type of marble you want and the type of finish as polished, honed, ...

All sinks are manufactured measures and fully personalized way, so that apart from those discussed above details, the customer choose from our catalog the sink design or give us your own based from drawings design or a photo .

From this point you can start with the manufacturing process.

The process usually begins with the acquisition of the selected material quarry to submit it to the factory for manufacturing.

This quarry election process is extremely important because it determines the quality of the material. This is where the view and experience enters know when select the best bowling quarry, to offer a first material to our customers.

Once the material factory can start with the manufacturing process starting from the material as cutting, emptying and finally to the passage by the expert hands of a sculptor for details and finishing touches.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Work done in terracotta floor outdoor terraces Private apartments Jacaranda 1 in Marbella.

This time we had to proceed to the recovery of clay soils in poor condition in some apartments urbanization, which mainly showed accumulation of mildew and mold areas.

For this work we had to proceed to remove mold and mildew areas and then apply protective treatment, finished both wet effect (which intensifies the natural color of mud), and matte finish; depending on the preferences chosen by each of the owners of the different apartments.

Here you have some pictures of work done:



Thursday, 28 July 2016


Polishing is achieved by abrasion, passing marble floor by different increasingly fine particle sizes, which give the stone that aspect of "brilliant". Today is mainly used diamond abrasive, which shortens time and get spectacular results, while minimizing the forces working for people and machines with the consequent benefit.

With a smooth, polished shiny surface with almost zero porosity, highlighting the maximum level the structure, color and texture of the stone is achieved.

This finish to be "closed pores", provides improved resistance to stone attack external agents, which can increase resistance to various treatments protection. Significantly, the pores of the stone is never be closed, although with polished it comes to minimize to the maximum. It applies mainly in marble and granite, as they are very compact and with a high degree of crystallinity rocks.

With respect to their use for soils should be highlighted:

It's the kind of classic finish and the most abundant. It is characterized by a very smooth and shiny mirror-like surface. This type of finish can be selected to come directly from the factory or ask polished slab cut to later work by polishing in a polishing company.

Our advice is that for large numbers, yours is asking slabs cut for the following reasons:

* It is far more economical than ask polished from the factory

* The additional cost of buffing compensates

* And most importantly, we must consider that when placing slabs works, if these are polished, we must take special care not to leave small steps between slabs matter how minimal. However, this aspect is not drawback with slabs polishing work; since the polishing will match any small step that may be left between the slabs.

This finish is ideal for interior spaces, but keep in mind that just the surface is wet, it becomes very slippery. Needless to say, especially outdoor pool areas, our recommendation is to forget about this type of finish.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Finca in Casares: Recovery terracotta floor with mold and mildew problems

This work is done in a farm field located in the Costa del Sol in Casares.

We find three different areas: Main courtyard entrance, back porch with stairs and a side terrace also with stairs.

The three areas have never been treated so they had enough problems of mold and mildew, except for part of the terrace the back porch that was covered and was in much better condition than the rest.

The worst area could say it was to the side terrace with a lot of embedded mold.

The first thing we proceeded was to phase stripping and removal of both mold and mildew in all areas. At least we had to repeat the process with two passes of machinery and extending product so that it was lifting all mold and mildew.

Subsequently, a clean and dry the different time zones, we proceeded to the application of foreign wet treatment effect intensifies the natural color of terracotta floor.

Here is a summary of photo galleries of the entire work process from the initial state to the end result we leave.






Thursday, 30 June 2016

Manufacturing and assembly center fountain in white marble with an octagonal pool macael

This fountain was designed and manufactured fully customized, from reference sources models our catalog, but completely adapted to the preferences and measures provided by the customer.

It is a fountain of white marble white marble with honed finish, 40 cm in height and diameter dish of 105 cm, surrounded on its perimeter by an octagonal pool diameter of 250 cm also made of white marble macael. Its base is recessed to be fitted with an engine inside, to operate the circuit closed source water, and that is hidden and accessible through a marble top built into the base assembly source .

We show you some pictures of the manufacturing process of the source:

After the manufacture of the fountain we walk and work with our staff we started with on-site assembly.

Here are some pictures of the assembly process: